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Illumineye Player

Powerful, dedicated digital signage display software.

Illumineye Player takes your digital signage content and out-of-home campaigns and displays them with pixel-perfect precision.

Your digital signage content, displayed at its best

Illumineye Player displays your digital signs and billboards beautifully, on screens and screen configurations of your choice.

Highly capable – with dependable performance 

Illumineye Player is our dedicated digital signage display application. Illumineye Player receives its content remotely, from Illumineye Manager. It’s powerful, capable of displaying high-resolution (up to HD and 4K) content effortlessly. It’s intelligent – downloading your media in the smartest way possible, using a combination of compression and splitting large files (and files are encrypted when downloading). It’s flexible – it can be used remotely, or content can be loaded on-site where required.

The perfect partner for HD and 4K displays

Illumineye Player can drive a wide range of digital signage displays – including interactive touchscreens and large video walls – making it perfect for almost every use, from a single display in one location, through to exhibition stands featuring video walls and multiple displays running digital out-of-home campaigns around the globe. 

Designed for digital signage campaigns

Illumineye Player handles the demands of digital out-of-home campaigns and local content with ease. If some content is unavailable, then that component will be automatically hidden, rather than ‘break’ the design. If there’s no content scheduled, or a schedule expires, it can fall back to a default campaign instantly.

Display performance

  • Up to HD and 4K UHD playback
  • From a single screen to multiple displays and video walls

Supported media

  • Adobe Flash files
  • Adobe PDF files
  • Cloud content storage (such as Amazon S3)
  • HTML
  • Live TV (via set-top box – subscription licence required)
  • Microsoft Office documents
  • QR codes, countdown timer and date/time
  • RSS feeds
  • Scrolling text
  • Tabular information
  • Text, images, video and audio
  • Twitter feeds and live data feeds
  • Webcam and weather feeds
  • YouTube videos

Intelligent media management

  • Automatically play a default campaign or image when no content is available
  • Automatically hide components when no content is available
  • Intelligent downloading of media by splitting files for easier transport and using compression where beneficial
  • ‘Maker-checker’ functionality to ensure validity of content origin 


  • Touchscreen support
  • Interactive, adaptive and targeted campaigns


  • Encrypted transfer of multimedia content, schedules, playlists and logs


  • Regular Illumineye Player screenshots of running campaigns
  • Analytics and proof-of-play information sent back to Illumineye Manager
  • Playlists available via Illumineye Manager

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