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Illumineye Digital Signage news and updates

Illumineye Digital Signage unveils its next generation signage solution, plus a new 4K media player and a bundle for SMB users

The latest Illumineye Digital Signage release incorporates live TV and Microsoft Excel spreadsheet integration, plus an improved wizard-based Illumineye Creator

The latest Illumineye Digital Signage software release represents a new industry benchmark in functionality, creativity and ease-of-use with the inclusion of a new live TV feed, enhanced data display using Microsoft Excel spreadsheet integration, a wizard-based Illumineye Creator and 4K ultra-high-definition display support.

Illumineye’s new live TV feature enables users to broadcast content from digital TV sources through an optional USB-capture adapter. This adapter allows an external digital TV source to be connected via the HDMI-in socket and output via the media player’s USB port. A new YouTube component is also available to stream video over the Internet directly to the player and users will also now be able to import and broadcast content from other social media feeds, including Flickr and Twitter.

The inclusion of Microsoft Excel integration gives users the ability to pull real-time information from an Excel spreadsheet sitting on a local FTP or network drive (CIFS) and update campaigns on the player quickly. This is particularly useful in instances where there’s a need to update information in a spreadsheet while a campaign is playing. Simply by opening up the Excel document, amending the text in question and then re-saving it, the information displayed on the live screen is instantly updated with no downtime involved.

While these new features are designed to improve campaign impact and creativity, software ease-of-use has also been further improved with a new, wizard-based Illumineye Creator that uses on-screen prompts that provide a more intuitive approach for even easier scheduling and management of digital signage campaigns. 

Complementing these advances made on the software side, Illumineye’s hardware line-up benefits from the addition of the new, high-performance IQB-A media player with 4K dual display support. The new IQB-A model joins the existing entry-level IQ-L HD 720p and mid-range IQ-B full HD 1080p players to satisfy all digital signage resolution requirements. With no moving parts and compact designs, the players are easily mounted on the rear of most screens using a VESA bracket and come with a three-year warranty as standard, while most competitors only offer one.

Frank Noon, VP of worldwide sales, commented: “With this latest version release, Illumineye Digital Signage now provides more features than any of our competitors. The new wizard-based Illumineye Creator is a key part in our strategy to deliver a digital signage solution that can be used by everyone, not just those with professional IT skills, while our new, high-performance IQB-A media player satisfies the increasing customer demand for ultra-high-definition 4K content.”

Specifically tailored for the SMB sector, Illumineye’s new five media players and server bundle now means SMB users can have a fully integrated digital signage package, including a pre-configured server and players, that negates both the need to source a separate server and the requirement to manually set up the Illumineye Digital Signage Manager.

The complete package includes an Illumineye server (Win10 Pro PC), 5 IQ-L media players, an 8-port switch together with pre-installed Illumineye Digital Signage Manager and Illumineye Digital Signage Creator software licences. “We recognised that there’s a demand within the SMB sector for a cost-effective and simple-to-use digital signage solution,” commented Frank Noon. “Available for a one-off payment of $3,350 USD and with no monthly subscription to pay, our new Illumineye server bundle provides an ideal solution and excellent value for money for the small and medium business users.”

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