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Digital signage for wayfinding

Illumineye Digital Signage can take wayfinding beyond helping people locate something – also showing them what’s available once they arrive.


Illumineye Digital Signage – wayfinding solutions

Illumineye Digital Signage can deliver outstanding wayfinding solutions to all types of organisations with public areas, including department stores, hospitals and medical centres, museums and art galleries, recreation firms, shopping malls, sports venues, town centres and other public spaces. Digital wayfinding signs can incorporate maps, images, videos, Flash files and more. If the display is a touchscreen, visitors can explore intuitively, tapping to find out more about places they want to visit – for example, in a shopping mall, tapping on a food outlet could bring up images of dishes served and a menu, along with opening times.

Illumineye Digital Signage can be used for wayfinding that:

  • allows people to see what’s at a location – not just where the location is, for example, but also browse items which that location sells. 
  • can be searched interactively to enable people to sift easily through what would otherwise be an overwhelming amount of information.
  • can seamlessly position advertising content alongside essential information.
  • delivers safety information such as nearest exits and stairs.
  • delivers a far better customer experience than printed or static maps/menus.
  • helps people find products, service outlets, people, rooms, departments, places to eat, parking facilities, vending and ATM machines, elevators/lifts/escalators and more.
  • reduces the need for staff and information centres.

Central management

Illumineye Digital Signage provides simple yet powerful central management of large numbers of digital wayfinding points, regardless of their location. Information can be quickly and easily updated (for example, responding to changes of ownership of outlets in a shopping mall) and content can be adjusted for different times of the day – for example, to promote food outlets at meal times.