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Digital signage for transport hubs and transport companies

Illumineye Digital Signage is a great way to connect with commuters, delivering essential travel information – and more.

transport hubs and transport companies

Public transport hubs and vehicles

Digital signage provides a highly effective means of providing essential travel information to those using bus stations, railway stations, airports and embarkation buildings. But it can do so much more – combining useful local or travel information and advertising seamlessly with timetable information, for example.

  • Digital signage can advertise the transport hub’s food and drinks outlets, to increase sales while people are waiting – and partners such as booksellers can showcase best sellers and special offers. 
  • Display safety advice and signpost where help can be found.
  • Essential travel details can be displayed by digital signage in real time. 
  • Interactive touch displays can enable people to plan or explore their journeys. 
  • Open up a new revenue stream with third-party advertising.
  • Provide entertainment, such as live television (seamlessly mixed with travel information) for those waiting for a connection.
  • Provide essential travel information in the clearest way possible – such as liquid allowances, items allowed for travel and so on.
  • Show up-to-the-minute changes, including emergencies, delays and cancellations – plus news and events which affect travel, and more.
  • Travel tips can help people prepare for key destinations, by providing local information about attractions, facilities, hotels and more.
  • Use touchscreens to help streamline or automate systems such as check-in.
  • Wayfinding information can help travellers to get on their way with the minimum of fuss, or point them to essential facilities such as baggage reclaim.