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Digital signage for touchscreen displays

Illumineye Digital Signage supports both simple and sophisticated touchscreen interactions.

touchscreen displays

Driven by familiarity with smartphone interfaces, many people now expect to interact with digital displays in a similar manner. This allows companies to deliver content in a way that is more engaging – enabling people to drill down to find just the detail they require for products, places, services and more.

Illumineye – touchscreen digital signage

Illumineye Digital Signage supports the creation of touchscreen campaigns, using interactive buttons or hotspots. In simple campaigns, these can display specific media – such as videos. In more complex campaigns, they can launch other campaign screens to deliver a rich, interactive experience which allows the user to explore your content as they wish.

Touchscreens – many uses

Illumineye Digital Signage touchscreen displays can be used in many ways, including:

  • Help systems at the point of need (for example, training demonstrations near complex machinery)
  • Information points
  • Meeting management
  • Menu boards
  • Museum and art gallery exhibit-finders, or to provide additional detail on exhibits
  • Product guides
  • Reception information
  • Seating charts which show participant details
  • Staff and team directories
  • Timetables and journey information
  • Visitor management
  • Wayfinding