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Digital signage for retailers, shops and stores

Illumineye Digital Signage is right at home in a retail environment, enabling shops and stores to deliver an enhanced shopping experience that maximises sales opportunities.

retailers, shops and stores


Blackwell’s has been selling books for more than 140 years and has over 30 outlets across the UK – one of which is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as having the single largest room in the world dedicated to selling books. Blackwell’s uses Illumineye Digital Signage for in-window displays, delivering information on books, publications and special offers, as well as in store, to enable people to browse their selection of thousands of books.

The digital signage solution for all things retail

From single stores to chains, from department stores to shopping malls, from clothing to cameras – Illumineye Digital Signage is your point-of-purchase (POP) perfect partner. Campaigns can be managed from one location, with multiple campaigns scheduled to run in different locations in as many different ways as needed. Combining video, images, live data and more makes Illumineye displays engaging and effective.

  • Create adaptive campaigns to respond to triggers.
  • Deploy staff communications displays to non-public areas to keep teams up-to-date with targets, promotions, company events and more.
  • Enable customers to drill down into more detailed product information, or even access guides and manuals to understand how products are used or assembled.
  • Facilitate customers making product comparisons.
  • Gather powerful and useful analytics.
  • Increase footfall with dynamic window displays.
  • Let customers browse using interactive product finders.
  • Promote loyalty and membership programmes.
  • Provide clear wayfinding for items, categories and departments.
  • Provide product information points to let people explore categories of items.
  • Provide prominent positioning for sale items and special offers.
  • Reinforce current advertising campaigns and promotions.
  • Suggest useful additional items, add-ons and accessories.