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Digital signage for restaurants and quick-service restaurants

Illumineye Digital Signage help food outlets communicate with customers far more easily and effectively – and it’s flexible in ways with which traditional signage can’t compete.

restaurants and quick-service restaurants

Chao Chao

Chao Chao is a UK-based quick-service restaurant chain, providing Southeast Asian food from a range of locations. Chao Chao chose Illumineye Digital Signage for its in-restaurant menu displays – and the company has the ability to push price changes to restaurants quickly and easily, simply by updating a spreadsheet from which pricing data is automatically taken and seamlessly incorporated into the digital menu.

From one restaurant to an entire chain

Illumineye Digital Signage is scalable – making it as great a solution for single restaurants as it is for entire chains – especially quick-service restaurants where efficiency is absolutely paramount. Illumineye’s ability to handle many different types of media – from videos to live data feeds – makes it easy to manage displayed content. Illumineye Digital Signage is ideal for:

  • displaying menus in a way that’s easier and quicker for people to take in – making the most of food’s visual appeal.
  • encouraging the sale of add-ons, such as drinks and sides.
  • incorporating live TV and advertising.
  • menu boards – including handling menus which need to change automatically based on the time of day.
  • point-of-sale screens – and touchscreen order-and-collect displays.
  • providing essential nutrition, calorie and allergy information in an accessible way.
  • showcasing short-term menu changes, specials, meal deals and offers.
  • staff profiles.

Illumineye Digital Signage can also be used in more creative ways too – such as video walls for maximum impact, drive-through displays – and large window displays to encourage footfall.