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Digital signage for public-sector organisations

Illumineye Digital Signage is ideal for a wide range of uses in public-sector organisations, both large and small.

public-sector organisations

Dubai Government Workshop

Dubai Government Workshop is a local government department in the United Arab Emirates which maintains government assets – such as vehicles – and provides services for private organisations and some government departments. Dubai Government Workshop uses Illumineye Digital Signage in its internal offices to provide information, human resources and marketing updates to employees.

East Riding of Yorkshire Council

The UK’s East Riding of Yorkshire Council provides local government services to more than half a million people, in over twenty-five wards. Illumineye Digital Signage is used for the display of publication information – such as health and safety alerts, wayfinding, general reception information and catalogue information – in public areas at council locations.

Illumineye Digital Signage enables public-sector organisations to both assist and inform staff and members of the public quickly, easily and cost-effectively. Central management ensures accuracy of information, running a wide range of campaigns across as many sites as required – and displays can be changed quickly, when the need arises. 

Illumineye Digital Signage can be used for:

  • detailed information access, using touchscreen displays.
  • emergency information alerts.
  • healthcare or well-being campaigns.
  • internal communications.
  • performance statistics
  • staff and team directories.
  • wayfinding.

Illumineye Digital Signage is suitable for all kinds of public-sector organisations, including:

  • court houses and legal buildings.
  • doctors’ surgeries, medical centres, healthcare trusts and hospitals.
  • education organisations, such as schools and colleges.
  • fire stations.
  • infrastructure organisations.
  • museums and art galleries.
  • police stations.
  • public transport.
  • social services.
  • town halls and civic centres.
  • waste management.