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Digital signage for point of sale areas

Illumineye Digital Signage is a powerful way to enhance the customer’s buying experience within all kinds of retail outlets.

point of sale areas

Suitable for many products and services

Illumineye Digital Signage is ideal for the dynamic display of products and services in shops, stores, car dealerships, health clubs – in fact anywhere a transaction can take place. 

  • Display detailed product information next to items for sale, along with alternative products or full product lines – enabling people to explore purchases in more detail.
  • Display special offers and showcase new products.
  • Encourage upsales by displaying associated purchases, extras and add-ons.
  • Incorporate videos showing products being used, assembled or set up.
  • Interactive display tables can encourage customers to explore product lines, drill down into detail or make comparisons, find products in other departments and more – and can be used by sales people to guide customers to the product or service they’re seeking.
  • Provide synergy with smartphone shoppers, signposting them to additional information via QR codes – and also deliver a similar interactive experience, encouraging them to find things via the digital display rather than seek a competitor online.
  • Touchscreen product catalogues enable customers to easily find and compare products.
  • Use digital displays to show alternative products or full product lines in an intuitive and interactive way.
  • Use digital menu boards to display food items using images and videos.