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Digital signage for petrol/gas stations and service areas

Illumineye Digital Signage can not only provide useful information to travellers, it can also significantly increase sales of sundries and add-on items.

petrol/gas stations and service areas

Multiple opportunities

Gas, petrol and service stations provide multiple opportunities to reach customers as they pass through – on the forecourt, on-pump and in the store. Digital signs can mix information with advertising, to provide both local/timely content and promote services or products. With the right type of content, one vendor can differentiate itself as a more useful place to stop for fuel – not only increasing fuel sales but also encouraging the sale of add-on items.

  • Build advertising revenue and develop sponsorship opportunities from third parties.
  • Display useful local information, such as nearest ATMs, parking, points of interest etc.
  • Proactively sell extras such as car washes, oil, wiper fluid etc – adjusting campaigns for seasonal need.
  • Provide essential pricing information.
  • Provide useful travel information and updates via live feeds.

Central management

Illumineye Digital Signage can be updated remotely, so it’s easy to manage multiple campaigns across many service stations – even incorporating local content. 

Deliver more than fuel

Most service stations have a high number of visitors with great potential for upselling. Digital signage can help realise this potential in the most effective way.