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Digital signage for outdoor advertising

Digital outdoor signage is fast replacing traditional printed posters and illuminated display advertisements, because of its power and flexibility.

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Reach people wherever they are

Outdoor advertising has long been a key part of many organisations’ marketing campaigns. Digital signage is revolutionising cost and performance of these – opening up creative possibilities and enabling brands to react faster to trends and interact better with customers. 

Outdoor digital billboards deliver highly effective advertising in, on and around:

  • bus, taxi and coach shelters.
  • busy roads and streets – key transportation routes.
  • exteriors and interiors of buses, trains and taxis.
  • prime advertising locations such as commuter hubs and city centres.
  • shopping centres and shopping malls.
  • transport hubs.

A more effective medium

Digital outdoor advertising displays have significant benefits over traditional printed displays. They can be updated easily, quickly and cheaply – no need for teams of people taking down and sticking up new posters (and no printing costs). They’re flexible – several advertisements (in fact, as many as required) can be displayed at a single site. Lead times are shorter as advertisements can be produced quickly in a digital format and then distributed to signs over the Internet or closed networks. Campaigns can carry multiple messages instead of one – with testing of messages at specific locations, resulting in campaign improvements by narrowing down displays to the most effective advertisements.

Illumineye Digital Signage

Illumineye’s central management of digital displays makes it a powerful digital out-of-home advertising tool. It doesn’t matter how many billboards are in use, or where they are located, Illumineye can manage their campaigns – including sophisticated schedules, fall-backs when content isn’t available and pushing ‘emergency’ content as required. Built for interactivity, Illumineye supports live data feeds, social media feeds and QR codes.