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Digital signage for museums and art galleries

Illumineye Digital Signage can both help inform visitors and significantly enhance their experience at cultural venues.

museums and art galleries

Giving arts visitors more

Visitors of museums and art galleries want to connect to art, culture and artefacts in the most meaningful way possible. It’s common to provide supporting information on exhibits, but Illumineye Digital Signage enables museums and art galleries to go so much further – providing an interactive wealth of information as well as essential information about the museum or art gallery itself.

  • Advertise merchandise that’s available in the museum or art gallery shop or can be bought online.
  • Deliver supplementary information on each exhibit or artist.
  • Display exhibition opening times and waiting times.
  • Provide detailed wayfinding or interactive building maps to let people find what they need.
  • Provide essential and useful welcome messaging for visitors on arrival.
  • Provide interactive educational displays to enable visitors of all ages to discover more about exhibitions and individual exhibits in a way that isn’t possible with static posters and signage.
  • Use menu boards and ticketing to handle greater numbers of visitors in a more efficient way.
  • Use video walls to wrap information around exhibited materials, freestanding digital signs with specific exhibits or wall-mounted signage to enhance a specific gallery or room.