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Digital signage for menu boards

Food malls and quick-service restaurants benefit enormously from the use of digital menu boards to display meals, snacks and drinks.

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A better buying experience

Digital menu boards show people what they can buy – including dishes they’re not familiar with – helping them to choose more quickly and with greater confidence. They also ‘elevate the pitch’ for quick-service restaurants – showcasing food and drink products in the best possible way.

Digital menu boards for quick-service restaurants can benefit from:

  • a reduction in costs compared to traditional printed menus, posters and illuminated displays.
  • adaptive menu changes which automatically adjust with times of the day, the week, the month – and can incorporate specific campaigns.
  • automated pricing information, from feeds from the quick-service restaurant’s IT or EPOS systems.
  • digital menu boards that can run all day, every day using low-cost, low-energy, fanless media players.
  • easier communications in multi-language quick-service restaurants such as at airports – people can just point and buy.
  • far better menu visibility in-restaurant, in windows, outside and using video walls.
  • improved or maintained brand consistency with other campaigns, both online and offline.
  • incorporating the essential information needed to meet healthcare regulations (including nutrition, allergy advice and calorie counts).
  • more effective promotion and upselling of add-ons and meal deals.
  • promotion of new menu items or special offer deals.
  • reduced waiting time, resulting from faster decision-making.
  • significant time-savings gained by centralising menu updates and broadcasting updates to menus wherever they are in the world.