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Digital signage for manufacturing businesses

Illumineye Digital Signage can enable organisations in the manufacturing sector to deliver essential information to the workforce in a timely and effective way.

manufacturing businesses


INEOS is a global petrochemical manufacturer with sales of over $60 billion, spanning over 170 sites in 24 countries worldwide. INEOS uses Illumineye Digital Signage in its chemical plants for information display such as wayfinding and the display of health and safety messages – providing the company with a better way to manage updates, performance statistics and alerts.

Luminous Power Technologies

Luminous Power Technologies is a leading power and home electrical specialist, based in India, which has 7 manufacturing units and around 30 sales offices in over 36 countries – employing over 6,000 people and working with over 60,000 partners. Luminous Power Technologies uses Illumineye Digital Signage in its production units to send up-to-the-minute production schedules, instructions and other information to its manufacturing staff.

Communications, refined and improved

Keeping in touch with a busy workforce is always a challenge, but nowhere more so than in the manufacturing sector. Health and safety are paramount, production schedules are vital – and traditional signage is far too easy to ignore. Far more captivating are digital screens, which can display up-to-the minute information in a dynamic way.

  • Create and display incentives using leader boards.
  • Deliver essential safety information to help reduce injuries, leaks, spills and other issues.
  • Deliver live performance information to factory floors and management offices to help both motivate and inform – including targets, actual data, comparison figures and information on downtime.
  • Display company announcements to ensure all of the workforce are aware of social events, significant business wins, advertising campaigns and more.
  • Display emergency alert information, going ‘beyond the whistle/siren’ to provide more specific details which allow employees to respond in a more effective way.
  • Manage meeting rooms and other internal resources.
  • Overcome communication problems associated with noisy manufacturing areas.
  • Promote important company policies.
  • Reduce communications costs and the unnecessary use of paper.
  • Use digital menu boards in canteens to promote choice or encourage healthier eating.
  • Welcome visitors and provide interactive wayfinding or essential visitor safety information.

Suitable for almost any manufacturing business

Illumineye Digital Signage is a great communications solution for a wide range of manufacturing businesses – including clothing and textiles, petrochemicals and plastics, electronics and computers, cars, trains and trucks, food, metals, wood and paper.