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Digital signage for information boards

Illumineye Digital Signage is the ideal tool to display essential information for customers, employees, commuters, travellers and more.

information boards

Putting information at customers’ fingertips

Customers often need up-to-date, accurate or timely information about service essentials – something at which Illumineye Digital Signage excels. Companies can also provide information to employees that can boost productivity, safety and performance.

Digital information boards can display:

  • business, building, department, team and employee directories.
  • emergency and safety advice.
  • live availability for tills and customer service desks.
  • live support statistics – such as calls answered, calls waiting and calls resolved.  
  • local facilities information, such as nearest ATMs, attractions and restaurants.
  • product catalogues which allow people to drill down into more detail.
  • production or sales statistics, including comparisons with best scores or scores over similar time periods.
  • sales or performance leader boards.
  • travel and transport information – including timetables, schedule changes, cancellations and so on.
  • wayfinding and product locators.

Touchscreen displays

Many types of information work best with touchscreen displays, especially in customer-facing areas. These allow customers to drill down to find exactly the information they need, delivering more relevant or detailed information than a non-touch device.