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Digital signage for indoor advertising

Digital indoor signage enables you to maximise communications and advertising to customers in the most engaging and cost-effective way.

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Deliver essential information

Digital wayfinding can help customers along the way – and touchscreen displays can enable them to explore buildings and stores, perhaps drilling down into more detailed information (everything from product profiles to opening times) where needed. Essential information such as timetables can be seamlessly mixed with product and advertising messages.

Digital menu board and product displays

Digital signage allows food, clothes, products and even services to be displayed using photographs and video – communicating faster, on a more instinctive level, than using text alone. Digital billboards can display scheduled campaigns which change at specific times of the day (for example, at mealtimes) so that content drives the maximum business opportunity.

Digital out-of-home advertising

Digital displays provide the ideal means to reach customers. From a single point, campaigns can be managed, scheduled and updated as needed. From a single store to a chain of shopping malls, Illumineye Digital Signage can help advertise products and services for your own organisation or third parties.

Digital displays to drive footfall

Large window displays and video walls can project products and services over a significant distance, encouraging people to enter stores, bars and restaurants. They’re also a great way to promote time-limited offers, end-of-line goods and more.

Encourage interactivity

Touchscreen displays encourage people to interact with a brand – and can also display live information from television or data feeds, including a Twitter feed so that people can engage in real time.

Suitable for all businesses

Illumineye Digital Signage is suitable for all kinds of businesses with an indoor pubic space, including:

  • bars and restaurants.
  • education organisations.
  • healthcare providers.
  • hotels and leisure businesses.
  • retailers.
  • shopping malls and business centres.
  • show and event venues.
  • stores, shops and supermarkets.