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Digital signage for hospitality businesses

Venues within the hospitality sector have a massive turnover of visitors – and Illumineye Digital Signage can take the strain when it comes to keeping those visitors informed.

hospitality businesses

Bin Majid Acacia Hotel and Apartments

Bin Majid Acacia Hotel and Apartments provides almost 400 contemporary hotel rooms in the business district of Rak, in the United Arab Emirates. Bin Majid Acacia Hotel and Apartments uses Illumineye Digital Signage for information displays and kiosks in elevators.

Digital signage for hospitality 

Hospitality is one of the world’s largest and most successful sectors – with businesses as diverse as bars and conference centres. But whatever the size and type of hospitality business, Illumineye Digital Signage can deliver updates, information and entertainment to your guests. Illumineye is great for hospitality venues such as:

  • bars.
  • cafes.
  • convention centres.
  • events and exhibition halls.
  • holiday resorts.
  • hostels.
  • hotels.
  • inns and pubs.
  • motels.
  • nightclubs.

One digital signage product – many solutions

Illumineye Digital Signage is a powerful, scalable product that can adapt to almost any information display scenario, including: 

  • check-in/check-out systems.
  • currency exchange rates.
  • digital concierges (to provide recommendations for local amenities, such as ATMs and restaurants).
  • digital menu boards (including allergy information and catering for specific dietary requirements).
  • digital pricing boards.
  • event information and events calendars.
  • flight, transport and timetable information.
  • hotel room greetings and information displays.
  • loyalty programme information.
  • maps and local area/attraction information.
  • promoting your added-value and luxury amenities.
  • reception information and status displays.
  • room and facilities booking systems.
  • sports bar screens and live television (where information or advertising can be ‘wrapped around’ a live television stream).
  • video walls to ‘wow’ visitors.
  • wayfinding and digital building directories (which can also be interactive).