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Digital signage for healthcare organisations

Illumineye Digital Signage helps healthcare organisations to deliver detailed, timely information in an engaging and highly cost-effective way.

healthcare organisations


Help2Change, based in Shropshire in the UK, works with healthcare organisations and employers to provide health advice and related services designed to help people live a healthier and longer life. Help2Change uses Illumineye Digital Signage to run information campaigns into doctors’ surgeries and local libraries; these promote healthier living via long-term lifestyle changes and by raising awareness of health problems related to smoking, addiction, obesity, cancer and other issues.

Illumineye Digital Signage is suitable for a wide range of healthcare organisations, from a small dental practice to a large hospital. Information can be controlled and managed from one central point, regardless of the number of digital signs, departments or buildings. Use Illumineye Digital Signage to deliver vital information and value-added content to visitors and patients in:

  • accident and emergency (A&E) departments and emergency rooms (ER).
  • blood banks.
  • dentists.
  • dialysis centres.
  • doctors’ clinics.
  • hospices.
  • hospitals.
  • imaging and radiology centres.
  • laboratories.
  • medical offices.
  • mental health and addiction treatment centres.
  • mobile clinics.
  • nursing homes and assisted living facilities.
  • outpatients’ clinics.
  • rehabilitation centres.
  • specialists’ offices.
  • telehealth centres.
  • veterinary surgeries and animal health centres.

Illumineye Digital Signage can be used in reception and waiting areas, wards, cafeterias, staff rooms, corridor and transit areas – and more – to deliver:

  • compliance, security, safety and emergency messages.
  • department and staff directories.
  • dietary information.
  • digital noticeboard content.
  • health and well-being tips.
  • information about local health services.
  • live television feeds, simultaneously combined with other content.
  • promotions.
  • staff training content.
  • third-party advertising.
  • waiting time updates.
  • wayfinding information.
  • welcome and orientation information.