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Digital signage for financial services organisations

Financial services organisations such as accountancy firms, banks and insurance companies can use Illumineye Digital Signage to communicate with employees and visitors alike.

financial services organisations

Global accounting firm

The global accounting firm is one of the world’s largest, with offices around the world. The firm uses Illumineye Digital Signage for corporate information displays – such as at location receptions, information points, in meeting rooms and offices – to enable people to access important company information and receive updates via ‘in-company advertising’.


MBME is the largest payment and government services platform in the United Arab Emirates, providing a simple and secure payments service since 1997. MBME, working as an Illumineye Digital Signage partner, uses Illumineye digital displays to deliver customer service information at a telecoms company’s retail stores.

Digital signage for all kinds of financial services organisations

Illumineye Digital Signage is ideal for all kinds (and sizes) of financial services organisations, including accountancy firms, banks, credit unions, savings and loans firms, brokerage firms, insurance organisations and mortgage companies.

Keep employees informed 

Illumineye Digital Signage enables financial organisations to significantly improve internal communications by deploying up-to-the-minute information in call centres and contact centres, reception areas, teller areas, meeting rooms, offices, trading rooms and more, delivering: 

  • call-centre statistics.
  • company information and values.
  • current advertising campaigns.
  • exchange rates.
  • incremental services which can boost sales.
  • information to support staff training and CPD programmes.
  • recent changes to financial laws and regulations.
  • stock prices.
  • product and service information.

Deliver information to customers

Use Illumineye Digital Signage to deliver timely and useful content to customers, visiting employees or in public areas. You can use digital displays to provide:

  • current advertising campaign videos and key messages.
  • employee directories.
  • essential reception and visitor information. 
  • information on new products and services.
  • interactive product guides.
  • staff profiles.
  • upcoming regulation changes.