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Digital signage for education organisations

Illumineye Digital Signage enables schools, colleges and universities to provide students with essential information.

education organisations

Reaching students in schools, colleges and universities

Education establishments typically need to provide a great deal of information to students but distributing this can be resource-intensive. Illumineye Digital Signage is the ideal platform to provide students with essential updates and content. Touchscreens in reception areas can be used for wayfinding, information can be presented in corridors – and digital signs can even be weatherproofed for outdoors. 

Since Illumineye can accept content in a wide range of formats, it’s easy for various staff members to contribute the information for which they are responsible. Schools, colleges and universities can use digital signage to display: 

  • art and practical work showcases.
  • available out-of-hours resources (such as sports halls).
  • emergency and health-and-safety information.
  • house points and leader-board information.
  • local news and information.
  • lunch menus and healthy eating information.
  • parents’ evening schedules and requirements.
  • safety tips for students and pupils (such as for cyberbullying). 
  • school newsletters and updates.
  • social media content, such as the school’s Twitter feed.
  • timely reminders.
  • wayfinding information.
  • welcome statements for new students and visitors.

Illumineye Digital Signage can be used in many locations, such as school receptions, staff rooms, recreation spaces, libraries and cafeterias. All of the information displayed can be centrally managed by the technology/support department.