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Digital signage for corporate and business

Illumineye Digital Signage delivers information to both employees and customers dynamically and with ease.

corporate and business

Sysnet System and Solutions

Sysnet System and Solutions is a Singapore-based information technology company, providing a wide range of computer products and services to businesses of all sizes. Sysnet System and Solutions uses Illumineye Digital Signage in its office reception areas to provide information and updates to visiting customers.

Reach employees and customers alike

Depending on how your business operates, Illumineye Digital Signage can not only help you stream information to employees, but (where you have areas which customers also access) can also provide another means of keeping customers up-to-date.

Improving internal communications

E-mail may well be essential, but for many things it’s also often cumbersome – and employees already have overflowing inboxes. Important updates can easily be overlooked and are difficult to make engaging. Illumineye Digital Signage lets you reach all of your employees, in all of your locations, with ease. Content can be customised for each location, or even each department, keeping updates relevant. Illumineye Digital Signage can be used to display information such as:

  • company dashboard data.
  • current marketing and sales campaign materials, statistics and core messages.
  • current sales goals or employee incentives.
  • emergency information.
  • health and safety information.
  • live data feeds such as the company’s Twitter feed.
  • noticeboard information.
  • recent presentations.
  • resource availability (such as meeting rooms).
  • sales or support statistics.
  • social information (such as birthdays, nights out, lunches etc).

Keeping customers informed

Where customers access your locations, Illumineye Digital Signage provides a great way to deliver all kinds of information – including interactively, using touchscreen displays. Illumineye Digital Signage can be updated faster and more easily than traditional signage and is ideal for: 

  • appointment or arrival registration
  • current sales and marketing campaigns
  • profiles of teams, team members and business managers
  • service and product information
  • special offers or news updates
  • wayfinding and building information