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Digital signage for car dealerships

Illumineye Digital Signage provides an outstanding way of engaging with customers in car showrooms and service areas.

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Engage with customers

When customers (and potential customers) come into your car dealership, you want them to find out as much about what you can offer as possible. Illumineye Digital Signage makes this possible – whether that’s information on car models, service plans, finance deals, open days and mobility options.

New and used cars

Digital signage is the ideal way to showcase large stocks of new and used cars – enabling customers to discover far more models than the physical showroom can accommodate. Information can be delivered in a far more exciting way than showroom brochures can allow – and can be updated more easily.

Important and time-dependent updates

Illumineye Digital Signage is a great way to provide important updates – such as information on new incoming models or special campaigns for showroom open days. It can also deliver detailed information, such as examples of car finance deals, quickly and easily.  

Interactive displays

Customers can use touchscreen digital displays to search for products and services – everything from new and used cars to finance deals and service plans. Illumineye Digital Signage makes it possible for content to be managed from a central point or replaced by individual car dealerships – with some local information, such as used car models, coming automatically from locally supplied data feeds (for example, from an Excel spreadsheet).