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Powerful digital signage software. Proven digital signage players. Outstanding remote management.

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Illumineye Digital Signage

Digital signage software, media players and remote management. It’s everything you need.



Digital signage software

Illumineye Creator digital signage software lets you build your own digital displays quickly and easily. Start with one of our templates, and add a huge range of media with just a few clicks.




Digital signage management

Illumineye Manager is a proven, powerful, enterprise-class remote management tool which enables you to deploy, update and schedule your digital signage, wherever they are in the world.



Digital signage players

Illumineye’s HD and 4K media players are compact, powerful multimedia devices. They are fully certified eco-friendly low-power and highly-durable media players, proven in millions of installations across the globe.


How Illumineye works: a complete solution

Illumineye’s digital signage software, media players and management tools are designed from the ground up to work as a complete integrated solution. It’s everything you need – you just add displays.


News and updates

VXL COVID-19 statement and status

VXL is adapting quickly to the changes imposed on business by the COVID-19 pandemic. Here’s what we’re doing and how we’re supporting customers.

Easy-to-use digital signage with no on-going fees

Illumineye from VXL Software, represents a complete, easy-to-use, software and media player package, with perpetual licence for lifetime ownership with no on-going fees.